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Seismic Retrofitting & Installations

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"When you retain IBCC contracting for your seismic retrofitting project, you get far more than just another contractor. All IBCC seismic retrofittors are certified plans examiners & building inspectors."

IBCC performs seismic home inspections free of charge to evaluate if your home has been constructed to meet todays current building code standards. This service can also be upgraded for a fee to provide you with a written report prepared by a certified building inspector to give your lending institution, title company or insurance provider whom may have requested that a seismic inspection be performed in order to secure funding or seismic insurance for your home.

"A properly retrofitted house will have a far greater chance of remaining habitable for you and your family if properly retrofitted for seismic events if not designed and built for lateral forces when first constructed. Also all of the food and water you have in your home at the time of a major earthquake may still be available to you afterwards."

You will be protecting your largest single investment. Personal injuries to you and your family should be minimal if your home does not fall off its foundation.

 Retrofitting is far cheaper and offers much more protection than earthquake insurance. Earthquake insurance usually has a 20% deductible which can only be collected in the event of catastrophic damage. Avoiding the disaster makes much more sense than cleaning up the disaster with insurance. 

You will also be able to protect your home from looting. It is expected that a great deal of looting will occur after a major earthquake and you will be able to remain in your home to protect it.You will be able to provide your neighbors a place to stay, possibly out of the rain and cold. Your home can also become an operational base for your neighborhood disaster group.