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"When you retain IBCC quality control services for your project, you get far more than just another technician. All IBCC quality control personal are multi-certified plans examiners & building inspectors"

Quality control inspections can serve to be extremely important during the construction of any structure for several reasons, mostly to assure that your investments meets more than just the minimum building code requirements.

While the local building department does it's best to perform building code inspections at each stage of construction to confirm that the minimum construction standards are meet, you may want to be assured that your structures meets more than just the minimum.

As you may not be aware of, when a local building department sends out a building inspector to inspect any portion of a structure under construction they are only allowed to write corrections based on if the contractor has meet the minimum building code standards, so even if the building inspector from the city or county thought that any stage of a particular job under construction could be constructed better than required, they are not allowed to comment on this issue. This is because the city or county building inspectors only have the authority to write corrections for minimum building code violations.

So think about it for a minute, you are spending several hundreds of thousands of dollars and possibly millions, do you want a structure that simply meets the minimum construction quality! For most folks, that's just unacceptable, I would certainly not settle for the very bare minimum of quality in my own dwelling or commercial project, and I seriously doubt anyone else would either.       

One more item of particular concerns is this, building departments are very often over whelmed with the amount of field inspections required for them to perform in any given eight hour shift. And as a certified building inspector myself, I can tell you performing 12 to 16 inspections in any given day is not unusual, so do the math, how much time can even the very best building inspectors with years of experience spend on each job site they perform inspections.

Well, lets just say that if you have 16 inspections to perform in your eight hour shift, that allows you about 30 min. for each inspection. Oh yea, did we forget about drive time in between inspections, gee now were down to about 15 min. per inspection if the inspector can get from one job site to another in 15 min?

Truly, I am not taking a hit on city or county building inspectors, I have been a certified building inspector myself for over 20 years and I understand the pressure they are under every day. And most every inspector I have worked with does a excellent job performing these amount of inspections every day.

We building inspectors (or at least myself) during a very busy day may perform several framing inspections and we have to concentrate on such things as fire & life safety and also what I call "critical connections" mostly, because we really need to focus on and inspect for the very most important items, such as critical connections of structural members and also confirm that such items like the shear walls have a proper load path to the foundation, etc.

So, you can see that retaining a quality control inspection team from IBCC for your next project or your first home may be well worth the few dollars that is cost for the service. After all, for fees starting at 1% of building evaluation for any size of dwelling constructed, you can have a peace of mind that your quarter of million spent for your biggest investment possibly ever made is constructed in a manner that you should always be guaranteed.