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Professional Code Witness Program

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  1. Injuries caused by non-code complying buildings designs
  2. Building failures or fire damage due to non-code complying
  3. Professional witness forbuilding code litigation services
  4. Contractor dispute with a jurisdiction having authority

In a court of law, the lawyers do what they do best and provide a services to their clients in which the outcome and end results will be in their favor.

IBCC also understands the need for expert witnesses to provide the courts and jury with detailed explanations of the building codes and why they exist, and how they are to be enforced and when code provisions are not properly enforced may cause damage to structures and or personal injuries.

So if you have any need of understanding the very complex family of building codes including, the international building, mechanical, electrical, fire, and single family dwelling code requirements call an IBCC associate, and inquire if a professional code expert will be helpful in determining the out come of your case.


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