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 IBCC specialty services are not all currently offered at all locations through out the United States due to individual state licensing requirements. Please contact your local IBCC office to determine if the service you desire are available at this time in your specific area.

Third Party Governmental Services

  1. Third party plan review services
  2. Third party building inspection services
  3. Third party building official services
  4. Third party planning and zoning services

Third party government services are offered from IBCC to all (JHA) jurisdictions having authority. Some JHA's are just simply sometimes short staffed due to vacations, illnesses or possibly an unexpected work load greater than the JHA can process in the mandated time frame of 10 days for simple residential homes required by state law and require short term assistance in order to comply and satisfy the demands and the applicants.

These services can also be used to fulfill the needs of seasonal workloads without having to hire more building department staff. And as every jurisdiction in America has felt during our economic downturn a few years ago, the term "do more with less" has become the new norm, which actually really means, everyone now wears three or four hats during the same eight hour day and job burn out is at a all time high. So, many jurisdictions have found that "doing more with less" is often much easier when you can use third party consultants to bear some of the workload.

Architectural & Engineering Services

  1. Building code analysis
  2. Building code consulting
  3. Building code summaries
  4. Building history investigations
  5. Building permit processing services
  6. Residential construction designs, including gravity and lateral calculations
  7. Commercial construction designs and alterations, including gravity and lateral calculations


Fire Code Plan Review Services

  1. NFPA 24 (private fire service mains & their appurtenances installations)
  2. NFPA 72 (national fire alarm and signaling code installations standards)
  3. NFPA 13 (full fire sprinkler installation standards for all other buildings)
  4. NFPA 13R (sprinkler standards for low rise residential occupancies)
  5. NFPA 13D (sprinklers for 1 & 2 family dwellings & manufactured homes)


Building Inspection Services

  1. Pre-purchase commercial evaluation inspections
  2. Pre-purchase home inspections
  3. Commercial building code inspections
  4. Residential building code inspections
  5. Thermal imagining inspections
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Building Permit Processing Services

  1. Commercial building permit processing
  2. Residential building permit processing
  3. Industrial building permit processing
  4. Tenant improvement building permit processing
  5. Big box stores and strip mall building permit processing

Electronic Plan Review Services

  1. Submitting of digital drawings to your local building department
  2. Reviewing status of submitted drawings in secure & real time
  3. Electronic plan review clearing house for third party contractors


General Contractors Services

  • IBCC Contracting, provides general contracting for commercial & residential projects
  • IBCC Contracting, also provides sub-contracting for commercial & residential projects
  • IBCC Contracting, is licensed, bonded and fully insured for your protection
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Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

  1. Request a new pre-purchase inspection online
  2. Review secure inspection reports and photos online
  3. Find valuable information concerning system & components of residential buildings


Pre-Submittal Plan Review Services

  1. Pre-Submittal plan review for residential buildings, including duplexes, row houses and apartments
  2. Pre-Submittal plan review for all construction types and occupancy groups of commercial buildings
  3. Pre-Submittal plan review for fire & life safety
  4. Pre-Submittal plan review for mechanical - Per IMC
  5. Pre-Submittal plan review for plumbing - Per IPC
  6. Pre-Submittal plan review for electrical - per NEC
  7. Pre-Submittal plan review for sprinkler - NFPA 13,13R,13D
  8. Pre-Submittal plan review for alarm - per NFPA 72


Professional Witness Program

  1. Injuries caused by non-code complying buildings
  2. Professional witness for litigation services
  3. Contractor dispute with a jurisdiction having authority


Seismic Retrofitting Inspections and Installations

  1. Seismic inspections for residential buildings to assure buildings are bolted to the foundation
  2. Seismic retrofitting for all residential buildings, including row houses, apartments and duplex's
  3. Seismic evaluation inspections for commercial buildings to provide a FEMA report required by JHA


Quality Control Inspection Program

  1. Providing oversight of building projects from start to final inspection
  2. Quality assurance inspections for new residential construction
  3. IBCC provides punch list prior to the required code inspections
  4. Quality assurance inspections for new commercial construction