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Building Permit Processing Services

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"When you retain an IBCC building permit technician to process your building project, you get far more than simply a building permit runner. All permit technicians are certified plans examiners & building inspectors."

Commercial Permit Processing

For the commercial developer, we don't have to explain the value in using a certified building permit technician to submit your drawings and structural calculation, you already know the eminence amount of time and energy required, not to mention the time it takes and we all know that time is money and your time is far more valuable to you then to be waiting in a line at the building department.

"We here at IBCC also very much understand your dilemma concerning the entire building and zoning permit process, because we have spent many years on the other side of the counter issuing these permits to developers just like you."

When you retain an IBCC building permit technician to process your building project, you get far more than just simply a building permit runner. All of our permit technicians are also multi-certified plans examiners and building inspectors.

This means that when you are represented by IBCC we can make corrections on the spot at the building department when required and eliminate the need to return to your office with simple corrections. This single benefit of having certified professionals processing your building permit application can and will save you time an a lot money.

Residential Permit Processing

Building permit processing is available for both residential and commercial projects. This service is particularly useful for home owners who are building their own home and are also playing general contractor and either do not have the time it takes for applying for a building permit and following through with the maze of requirements required to obtain zoning and building department approvals or simply do not understand all the in's and out's of how the whole process works.

Hiring a building permit technician to take care of everything from applying for a building permit to the end of actually receiving your issued building permit can not only relieve major stress during the entire process, but in many cases can save the applicant money they did not know could be saved.