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Architectural Opportunities

All IBCC staff members are ICC Certified and licensed, bonded and insured with general liability insurance, including errors & omissions.

IBCC provides a series of related construction and architectural services through out the West Coast of the United States, including Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California.

However we cannot be in all places and all times, so IBCC sub-contracts many services to local architectural firms as independent contractors whom are very familiar with the local building departments as well as the local building code amendments.

So it just makes since to partnership with professionals in their own back yards.

If your architectural firm would like to join forces and partnership with IBCC and become a local affiliate for your specific target market area then,

please contact our office at:  360.210.0547

IBCC is a fully licensed, bonded and insured with our own errors & emissions insurance for your own protection and ours. IBCC also takes care of all the related administrated work, such as contracts, billing, promotional materials and marketing strategy, including closing the deal. All an IBCC affiliate or independent contractor needs to do, is complete the work assignment.