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"Our motto statement is simple: "Get it right, Get it done, Online & Ontime"

IBCC provides valuable information and services for anyone involved in the construction industry including, engineers, architects, general contractors, sub-contractors, designers, home owners, commercial building owners, and also government jurisdictions having authority.

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IBCC - Specialties and Auxiliary Services

 IBCC specialty services are not all currently offered at all locations on the United States West Coast due to individual state licensing requirements. Please contact your local IBCC office for available service.


3rd Party Government Services

Seismic Retrofitting Services

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Architecture - Engineering

General & Sub-Contracting

Building Permit Processing

Quality Control Inspections

Professional Code Witness

Electronic Plan Review Services




IBCC - brings to the table over twenty years of actual plan review and field inspections of every type of construction and occupancy group. Our experience includes but not limited to over a billion dollars of plan review and building inspection approvals.

So, no matter where you are or what your involvement is, IBCC will assist you with every necessity required to succeed in the competitive world of the built environment. So if you need any assistance with your project small or massive, IBCC is here.

When your involved with any aspect of new construction projects or purchasing an existing building that will require renovating, the work load just never seems to end...so why not let IBCC take on the some of the workload and simplify your life.

We understand residential and commercial buildings from the planning stage, through the permitting process and all the way through to the final inspection and including your occupancy permit.

This is what we all at IBCC have been trained to do for decades, so you don't have to stress about it anymore, leave the details for IBCC and simply enjoy your finished project. Remember that we are the building codes people, where we get it right, get it done, online & ontime.